Hey, my name is Hristo Karamanliev

I enjoy making stuff look simple & beautiful


I’m a graphics designer currently living in Sofia, Bulgaria.
I specialize in designing marketing materials and online advertisements. In my past experience I have been fortunate enough to work coherently with marketing specialists, which helped me understand advertising in depth. I love design that is not only great to look at, but also works. I consider myself as a positive and fair guy with good work ethics.


Aleksandra Nikolova
at Eventyard.net

Hristo is a great person to work with! He is creative and motivated, always paying significant attention to every detail in his works. Having such a dedicated person in your team, you can always rely on having the best static or animated graphics you need. Likewise he is always keeping an eye on the latest trends in the graphic design which keeps his work up to date and innovative.

Iliya Petrov
Director of Marketing

Hristo was a valuable member of our Marketing team. I am fortunate to have worked closely with him on all advertising and marketing needs. He is a gifted designer, responsible co-worker, and has a great attitude. His enthusiasm and persistent work ethic make him a pleasure to work with.

Hristo Gergov
Senior QA Engineer
at Musala Soft

I met Hristo during our high school education in the Maths High School in Varna. During our time together, he was always very easy to communicate with and had the unique ability to inspire the people around him. Thus everyone was drawn by his ideas and worked hard with him in accomplishing the common goal especially in high school projects that required good team communication.

Even in this early unprofessional stage of his design and marketing career, Hristo was very proactive especially when we were assigned tasks that included painting, design and everything else related to presenting information beautifully.


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